The Authors

Dahris Clair

Born in Gloversville, NY, Dahris Clair spent her early years on a farm in Sacandaga, the backdrop for her novel. A love of reading fostered a desire to write, beginning with stories for her children and escalating to free-lance articles for a New Jersey weekly. As editor/writer of a south Florida publication, she experimented with a serialized version of Slocum Road. The positive reception by the readership encouraged her to develop the story into the novel it is today.

Stephen Gordon Clair

A native of Pompton Lakes, NJ, Stephen has always been"A Momma's Boy."  From sharing the spotlight as church organist with his mother, the soloist, to providing technical support for office systems in later years, he has remained his mother's #1 cheerleader.  Stephen inherited his mother's love for the written word as well as fascination with the the performing arts. Her passion for genealogy was passed on to him and he is an avid researcher of family ancestors.

Slocum Road: The Concept

Since the book was so well received, a sequel was The House On Slocum Road, Echoes Of The Past.  The sudden passing of Dahris, the author, left the project shelved until 2017. Armed with his mother's outline for Book II, Stephen hatched a plan to honor his mother's legacy and not only finish the sequel, but to develop Slocum Road into a trilogy.

Book II is a continuation of The House on Slocum Road, following Dahris' outline for a natural progression of the storyline.  Picking up on the esoteric elements of the work, Book III will delve much further into the ancestral past.  This expands the horizons beyond Lottie's great-great-grandmother and incorporates Stephen's genealogical research in surprising and novel (pun intended) ways, while maintaining familiarity with the earlier books .  We hope this takes the reader on some memorable and fantastic journeys through time. 

Book II: Escape To Slocum Road, A Little Psychic

Work is underway and a projected release is anticipated later this year.

Book III: Beyond Slocum Road, Epic Adventures

currently in development

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We hope you will enjoy the journey of many lifetimes!